Library of Congress

I conducted usability evaluations of the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Project (NDIIPP) website at the Library of Congress.

Minerva at the Library of Congress

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis of the “Personal Archiving” section of I researched similar “competitor” websites against which to benchmark the NDIIPP website, and identified a set of attributes to evaluate further on each site. The results of this analysis clarified NDIIPP’s position among similar sites that also presented tools for personal archiving, and highlighted areas where NDIIPP could do more to help its users.

Heuristic Evaluation

I administered a heuristic evaluation of the same “Personal Archiving” section. Along with a partner, we independently evaluated the website’s interface, reviewed one another’s findings, and prioritized them. I selected the top three findings and generated recommendations for them, and presented them to the NDIIPP Communications Team.

User Testing

I created a usability testing protocol for NDIIPP’s web development team to collect qualitative data and better inform their site’s design. I included questions, user tasks and scenarios, and a written guide on how to generate their own questions and understand the resulting data.