I was an interaction designer at VMware’s R&D department from 2012 to 2015. I designed for the vCloud Suite and developed the UX Design Standards for its products.

VMware leading in the datacenter

Note: I am unable to share my deliverables or designs publicly.

vCloud Suite: Apps & VMs

I was the lead designer for the end-to-end user experience for creating, deploying, managing, and monitoring virtual machines and applications for the vCloud Suite (VMware’s flagship suite). By synthesizing user research, iterative design, and rapid prototyping, I simplified some of the most important user workflows for VMware’s key products.

VM summary page from vSphere 5.1

vCloud Suite: Performance

In collaboration with multiple engineering teams (both front- and backend) as well as product management, I drove efforts to increase both the functional and perceived performance of our product suites, with the goal of increasing user efficiency as well as improving the overall quality and user experience of VMware’s products.

Improving vSphere’s performance

UX Design Standards

I worked with other designers and researchers to define new UX design standards for vSphere (VMware’s flagship product) and its ecosystem. I worked with both the design team and UI engineers to ensure conformance to these standards. These efforts were a cornerstone of my role in ensuring that the products acted, looked, and felt as if they were designed by a single person.

VMware’s UX Design Standards


I mentored a new hire on the design processes and methodologies used at VMware, which offered another opportunity to build a consistent, unified design voice for the team.

Evan collaborating at the whiteboard